How to Prepare Your Car to be Detailed

How to Prepare Your Car to be Detailed

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Has it been a while since your car was detailed? Is this the first time you have scheduled an auto detail? Here are a few things you can do in advance to get your car ready for service:

Remove personal belongings Detail technicians may not always know the difference between things you want to keep and things that are okay to discard. Removing all of your personal belongings not only makes the job go faster, it also ensures that your things are protected and anything left in the vehicle can be confidently discarded.

Let your detail technician know about any specific issues that need attention Sometimes, vehicles that are older may have interior or exterior parts that may be lose. Making your technician aware of these situations ensure that proper care and attention is given to your vehicle.

Let us know how to contact you once the job is complete We will contact you once your vehicle is ready for inspection. Be sure to let us know the best way to alert you whether it’s calling or texting your mobile phone, leaving a message with a receptionist, or alerting someone at the guard shack. We want to make the process as convenient as possible for you.

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